21 gennaio 2011


What's more inspiring than nature itself? It's the start for everything!
Pictures were taken at my parents' garden and at the beach.

18 gennaio 2011

Architecture: "Between old and new"


I visited this hotel during my last trip to Shanghai, and today i found this interesting comment on :

"NHDRO's project The Waterhouse, on the South Bund in Shanghai, China, was praised for its 19-room hotel remodelled from a derelict 1930s building. Jury member Gurjit Singh Matharoo said: 'What they have done is to leave old as it is: rough and dirty...So there’s a beautiful contrast created, and by just leaving it, it enhances both the old and the new.' Slessor adds: 'NHDRO's remodelling of an existing building in Shanghai's docklands into a new boutique hotel is an intelligent paradigm for the creative reuse of historic structures, which has a wider and hopefully instructive resonance in China's current expansionist milieù."

And here are some of the pictures i took there...

13 gennaio 2011

AL Nik Party!

My sis boyfriend is throwing his Bday party on Saturday
...and here's the flyer I prepared for him, let's get ready:)

4 gennaio 2011

Some Vintage Press

Just beautiful!
Not politically correct in our time (cigarette advert) but really interesting stuff from the 30's.
I'd like to find nowadays a beer in that kind of can.